DS 400 - Flow measurement for compressed air and gases

DS 400 - Flow measurement for compressed air and gases

Each factory needs compressed air, however, often it is not realized that compressed air is one of the most expensive types of energy. Therefore, the intelligent use of flow measurement DS 400, holds an enormous potential for saving energy. In most cases the user mainly concentrates on the production, i. e. on the compressors. In order to save energy very often new compressors, control systems or heat recovery systems are installed.

Flow measurement DS 400 consisting of: 

Flow sensor VA 500:

  • Easy installation and removal under pressure via 1/2" ball valve
  • Several gas types - freely adjustable at DS 400
  • Usable from 1/2" to 12" DN 300
  • Diameter freely adjustable at DS 400
  • Output for 4...20 mA for m³/h
  • Pulse output for m³ (total flow)

Chart recorder DS 400:

  • 3.5" graphic display with touch screen - shows the progression of the measured values in graphic form
  • 2 sensor inputs for flow sensors/ dew point sensors
  • USB interface for reading out the data logger via USB stick
  • 2 additional sensor inputs for pressure sensors, current meters and so on
  • Option: Data logger for 100 million measured values (2 GB SD card)
  • Option: Ethernet and RS 485 interface (Modbus protocol)
  • Option: Webserver
  • Option: CS Soft Basic - comfortable evaluation of the measured data


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