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Consumption sensors and flow meters for inert gases

VA 570 / VA 520 flow meters for noble or rare gases

Noble gases (also known as rare or inert gases) are slow in reaction and hence they are used everywhere where an oxygen-free or oxygen poor environment is required, for example during welding processes in order to avoid temperature oxidation or in inert gas extinguishing systems.

Inert gases are used to flush pipelines which were formerly used for combustible gases.

Argon, helium, neon are inert gases or welding gases with different compositions. Inert gases are non-toxic and odorless. When using them in closed environments necessary prevention and precautions steps have to be adhered to due to the oxygen displacement. 

VA 570 / VA 520 flow sensors are the ideal flow meters for inert gases like argon, helium, neon, and forming gas.

We recommend:

VA 570 - Flow meter with integrated measuring section

The measuring sections are available in flanged version or with R resp. NPT thread.


VA 520 - Flowmeter with integrated measuring section

Flow meter with newly developed evaluation electronics to record all measured values digitally.