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Flow and consumption meter for gas measurement in the automotive industry

VA 520 flow sensor for argon, helium and nitrogen in the automotive industry

In the automotive industry argon is used together with other gases like forming gas, during welding processes of car body parts, frames, etc. By using argon, an oxygen- and nitrogen-free environment for heat treatment processes is created.

Helium is used as a test gas for critical parts like coolers and/ or air conditionings. 

Air bags often are inflated with a mixture of helium and argon. Nitrogen is an important safety component for air bags.

In many production processes nitrogen is used besides other welding gases in order to produce car parts like frames, silencers and many more.  

The flow meter VA 520 can be used in existing pipelines from DN 15 up to DN 80 for flow measurement of argon, helium and nitrogen or gas mixtures of argon and helium.

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