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Consumption meter for gas measurement in the aerospace industry

VA 520 inline flow meter for argon, nitrogen and helium in aerospace engineering

Argon is used for welding applications and for manufacturing lamps or lasers. In heat treatment processes it can be used as an inert gas in order to create a nitrogen- and oxygen-free environment.

In aerospace engineering nitrogen is very important and it is used in many production processes like wind channels and/ or heat treatment furnaces.

During laser welding processes nitrogen is used as a cutting gas. 

In many sectors ranging from production to flying applications helium is used. 

Helium is also used for rinsing hydrogen systems.

The flow meter VA 520 with integrated measuring section for flow and consumption measurement of nitrogen, argon and helium is available for pipe sizes from ¼” to 3”.

We recommend:

VA 520 - Flowmeter with integrated measuring section

Flow meter with newly developed evaluation electronics to record all measured values digitally.