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Dew point monitoring of thermal processing furnaces

For optimum process control in thermal processing furnaces, dew point monitoring is required. Due to the high temperatures of > 600°C sampling systems are generally used. The sampling system consists of a pump which sucks the furnace atmosphere (usually 100% N2 or a mixture of H2 and N2). To cool the measuring air to sensor-compatible temperatures, the sample is cooled down to approx. 50°C via a cooling section made of stainless steel and fed to the sensor via the bypass measuring chamber. Typical dew points are -40°Ctd and lower.

We recommend:

FA 510/515 - Dew point sensor for adsorption dryers

For residual moisture measurement after desiccant dryers/ membrane dryers from -80 to 20°Ctd. New: with Modbus-RTU interface.