Đo điểm sương cho máy tạo nitơ hoặc oxy

Dew point measurement for nitrogen or oxygen generators

Nitrogen and oxygen generators are commonly used when large quantities of these gases are needed on a daily basis. The gases are cost-effectively produced on site, directly from compressed air. In this case, mostly cold-dried and cold-processed compressed air is used. Dew point measurement is of great importance at two different points throughout the process:

  • A dew point monitoring after the refrigeration dryer or at the input of the generator ensures that if the refrigeration dryer fails, the generator will not be flooded with condensate and hence will not be damaged.
  • The dew point or the residual moisture content of the generated nitrogen or oxygen is an important quality criteria. Often dew point values of -40°Ctd must be ensured and guaranteed.

By means of dew point monitoring in the nitrogen or oxygen line, the dew point can be monitored and documented online as part of the quality assurance.

CS Instruments has reliable dew point transmitters available for both applications!

We recommend:

FA 510/515 - Dew point sensor for adsorption dryers

For residual moisture measurement after desiccant dryers/ membrane dryers from -80 to 20°Ctd. New: with Modbus-RTU interface.