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Dew point measurement during the spray-painting process

Spray-painting processes in the automotive industry and other industries require a high compressed air quality. Above all, the residual moisture or the pressure dew point in the compressed air must meet certain requirements, otherwise the whole spray-paint job is compromised as fisheyes can form. In order to ensure process reliability during the spray-painting process, a continuous pressure dew point monitoring after the dryer as well as at the point-of-use is highly recommended.

We recommend the use of our Dew point transmitter FA510 or Dew point monitoring DS400 Dew point set.

We recommend:

FA 510/515 - Dew point sensor for refrigeration dryers

Dew point measurement from -20 to 50°Ctd. New: with Modbus-RTU interface.


DS 400 Set - Stationary dew point measurement in compressed air systems

Ideal for the monitoring of refrigeration or adsorption dryers.