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Flow measurement in gas mixtures as source gas

Mixed gas flow meter for welding gas

Mixed gases are used to create a protective atmosphere during gas welding. Welding gases, which have different ratios due to the mixture of argon, carbon dioxide and oxygen, generate an inert atmosphere in the welding environment and avoid the deterioration of the welding quality.

The consumption of welding gas is an important cost factor. For this reason, the control of the flow resp. the consumption of this gas is a kind of cost control.

If the welding gas is disturbed resp. cut for some reason the continue of the welding process will lead to a deterioration of the welding quality. If the gas flow is disrupted the dry contact (alarm) will be detected by the flow meter VA 520 and the necessary warning is issued immediately. The welding process can therefore be stopped in time before the welding quality is reduced.

We recommend:

VA 520 - Flowmeter with integrated measuring section

Flow meter with newly developed evaluation electronics to record all measured values digitally.