Máy đo lưu lượng cho khí oxy hóa

Flow meters for oxidizing gases

VA 500 insertion sensor for flow measurement / VA 520 flow meter with special cleaning (free from oil and grease) for oxidizing gases

Oxidizing gases are combustible when getting into contact with the smallest quantities of fat, oil or any other organic material due to the fact that they provide oxygen. Even smallest amounts of oil or fat can lead to explosions in pipelines due to the presents of oxygen. Typical applications are ozone generators or oxygen generators. 

VA 500 and VA 520 flow sensors with special cleaning (free from oil and grease) can measure the flow and consumption of oxygen.

During the cleaning all medium-exposed parts are extensively cleaned from oil and grease. After the cleaning the instruments are sealed tightly. 

Thus the flow meters VA 500 and VA 520 with special cleaning (free from oil and grease) are the ideal flow and consumption meters for oxygen applications!

We recommend:

VA 500 - Flow sensor for compressed air and gases

RS 485 interface, Modbus RTU, 4...20 mA analogue output for m³/h, Pulse output for m³.


VA 520 - Flowmeter with integrated measuring section

Flow meter with newly developed evaluation electronics to record all measured values digitally.